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Lunacy Star Remake!
So, I have a friend who's been working on a bullet hell game series, Lunacy Star. Recently he's just remade the first game of the series (which I've streamed an earlier version of before, as some of us might recall), and he's given me the okay to share the latest version with you guys, so here it is: download (Mediafire).

If anyone can't download things from MF for any reason, let me know, and I'll reupload it somewhere else.

So, what is Lunacy Star?

According to the author, the backstory is basically this Lunacy Star thing...awoke..and started trying to...destroy everything? And you...stop it with battleships!

...Yeah, story not yet implemented :I

Anyways, it's a shooter game that's a mix of high-reflex dodging and Touhou-style micrododging. It more or less uses Touhou as a model, featuring six main stages, one Extra stage (not yet implemented), distinct shot types, resource gain, point of collection, a scoring mechanism, called Overdrive, and bosses featuring named bullet patterns, similiar to spell cards. The pattern design slightly tilts towards the difficult side compared to Touhou, but there are also beginner-friendly mechanics, such as a deathbomb window comparable to IN. It also has pretty good BGM for every stage and boss! And a music room!

About the scoring mechanism: Fairly simple. Killing things and collecting the yellow point items give you points. Point items only give half of their value below the POC. The point items' value is variable, and can be increased by deleting bullets from either a short radius around each dying enemy, clearing patterns, or bombing (Overdrive doesn't count) in the form of blue items that you automatically collect. Perfecting patterns (surviving a pattern without bombing or dying until it ends) also provides a decent sum of points. Point item value caps at 250,000 in Easy (I think), and the cap increases by 50,000 for each subsequent difficulty, although unless you are very liberal with your bombs and delete bullets well you are unlikely to reach the cap on lower difficulties due to the smaller amount of bullets.

About the Overdrive mechanism: Enemies and bosses continuously drop red items that you automatically collect that increase in value the closer you are to enemies (think IN time orbs, also enemies have no hitbox for you to collide into). Those charge up your Overdrive bar, which is visible on the UI on the right below everything else. At 100%, you can press C to instantly clear the screen of all bullets (no invincibility frame) and turn them into mini-point items. Since this neither kills enemies (it deals roughly 400 damage to everything onscreen, which is a miniscule amount especially considering there are no popcorn enemies) nor makes you invincible for any amount of time, it's recommended that you only Overdrive during safe moments (such as when no enemies remain onscreen, or when you know the boss is going to stop shooting long enough to POC) if you want to collect the items.


Note: Many of the boss have placeholder sprites and/or names, so don't mind those~ Replays are also not completely functional, and will neither record your use of Overdrive or be loadable of the moment, though the author would be glad to have your replays for troubleshooting, or just to see how much you're better than him at playing his own game :V Nevermind this, replays are on fire and do not work.
Aaand that's all I'm going to say for now, so go ahead and go wild! Don't forget to leave lots of feedback!
New version is up! Link in OP updated!
Change log (roughly):

+ Initial deathbomb window now only 0.4s, down from 0.6s
+ Extra mode is implemented (unlocked by clearing normal story in any difficulty without continuing)
+ Attack practice is implemented (ignore the question marks, you can try any pattern regardless of whether you encountered it or not). Ignore the Zero page. After clearing Extra, a Last Word page will appear after the Extra page.

As before, any feedback, especially on pattern/stage balancing, is greatly appreciated~

EDIT: Actually, if you feel like it, clear each Last Word once and screenshot the capture history (in the attack practice menu) so the author can tell if they have the right difficulty :3

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