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Jobs and Task Board
Welcome to the Job Request Board! This is a place where you can find and complete quests which may give your character things that they may need on completion, such as money or items of interest like magic books or artefacts for the much more difficult quests.

Quests are basically miniplots - You are given a job, and are to meet up with the client, often an NPC, for more details. After you get the details, you are given a target and a goal to keep in mind, and you are expected to work towards it. In general, these quests will give a character a legitimate reason to be in an area outside their general place of idling.

Ideally, anyone who would be affected by the quest should join the events of the quest and interact with the people involved, regardless of whether you're an ally or an enemy.

People can choose to resolve the quests in any way they seek, there is no particular set of restrictions involved. However, if you are currently undertaking a quest, you are not allowed to take on a new quest. You may join another person's quest though.

Applying to take a quest is no longer necessary, this is to allow multiple people to take the quest and potentially clash for random encounters. However, this system only works as long as the relevant characters that dwell in those channels idles there for as long as they are logged on. This allows for spontaneous interaction. Preferably, the person in question should be informed before the RP starts, however, as mentioned before, idling in the respective channel should eliminate any chance of missing an important RP.

Anyone can post a quest as long as its reasonable - they will be screened, however, as long as the reward you're offering is reasonably within your power to give, then it will often be okay. A simple solution is money in most cases, however do bear in mind that many characters are not motivated by money.

The primary purpose of this Quest System is to give people a direction with the smaller RPs they wish to involve themselves in. It also allows people to interact with a broader range of individuals in a different environment other than idle chatter.
Going to go ahead and also include administrative tasks as well =w=
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