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Asura Realm Thread
Post in here if you are interested in:

Edit: Could everyone also list the characters they would like to play with, and the characters that they can play with.
Sure thing

Edit: Probably Mima. Could also probably use Yuui.
Yes I will do an RP thing.

Probably gonna use Aoi to explore just because he's the best suited out of what I have to do this, though I also have access to Letty Whiterock and Byakuren Hijiri for canons, Administrator Black and Emi Wakahisa for OCs.
Posting for interest. Probably as Ruby, she's the one most apt to just up and head out to another realm.
Ahh! That looks fun! 8D
[Image: sakuyabanner4.jpg]
Yeh, it's about time I got back in the saddle. Count me in as Ran 'Foxen' Yakumo.

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